About DU

The Delta University for Science and Technology (DU) was established as the first private university in the Egyptian Delta and Lower Egypt. Founded in Mansoura by presidential decree No. 147, it is an entity of the Delta Group. Other Delta Group entities include the Polytechnic Institute, the Institute of Social Work, Institute of Management and Information, and Engineering. Encouraged by the tremendous success of the older institutions, some of which have been in existence since 1996, the trustees of the Delta Group envisioned a university for the study of science and technology. Their dream came true in 2007, the year that DU was founded. Today DU attracts a diverse student body both locally and nationally. It operates according to the highest national and international accreditation standards and includes many Faculties.


Delta University for Science and Technology is ideally situated on the Mediterranean coast in Gamasa in the Dakahlia Governorate. It is easily accessible due to its convenient location on the International Coastal Road between four provinces (Dakahlia, Kafr El-Sheikh, Elgharbia and Damietta). DU lies roughly 50 km from Mansoura, 20 km from New Damietta, 50 km from Kafr el-Sheikh, and100 km from Tanta, the capital of the Elgharbia Governorate.


  • DU is the first private university to exist in the Delta region.
  • It is conveniently located on the Mediterranean coast and between four provinces.
  • The campus is easily accessible through public transportation.
  • DU offers certified scientific degrees.
  • The curriculum is in English, which facilitates the international exchange of students.
  • DU is on a credit hours system.
  • DU is the home of an elite faculty comprised of teachers and researchers.
  • Students are provided with academic guidance throughout their university career.
  • The pedagogy is based on the latest technological advances.
  • Cooperation protocols and agreements exist with local, national, and international universities.
  • DU is equipped to accommodate people with special needs.
  • DU boasts of a public service center, several stadiums, an abundance of green spaces, and parking facilities.
  • Merit-based all-expenses paid trips to Europe are offered to students.