Prof.Yehia A. Elmashad

President of Delta University for Science and Technology


Chairman of Board of Trustees of Delta University


Vice Chairman of Board of Trustees of Delta University.


Prof. Magda El Sherbiny

Conference President

Prof. Dina El Sherbiny

Conference Chairman

Prof. Hassan El Kashef

Conference Co-Chairman

Prof.Sahar ElSwefy

Conference Co-Chairman,Chairman of Scientific Committee


Prof.Fathy El-Fiky

Conference Co-Chairman

Prof.Dalia R. El-Wasseef

Conference General Secretary

Prof.Hany N.Baraka

Chairman of organizing committee


Prof.Sahar ElSwefy

Professor of biochemistry Head of scientific committee Vice Dean for community services

Prof.Mohamed Mahmoud Soliman Shoheb

Prof.Amani Mukhtar Marzouk

Professor of pharmacognosy and natural products chemistry

Prof.Mohamed Nasr

Professor of pharmaceutics

Prof.Naglaa Ibrahem abdel-aziz

Professor of medicinal chemistry

Dr. George Shehatou

Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr.Mary Wahba Elias

Assistant professor of Analytical Chemistry

Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Shata

Dr.Mahmoud Elsaeed Ahmed

Lecturer of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Mrs.Sara Mahmoud Tawfik

Office Manger of Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs


Prof.Hany N.Baraka

Chairman of organizing committee

Dr.Rania M. Khalil

Associate professor of biochemistry

Dr.Laila abouzeid

Assistant professor of organic chemistry

Dr.Mohamed Ibrahim Elawady

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry

Dr.Ahmed A. Shaaban

Associate professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Dr. Mohammed Ezzat Draz

Lecturer of Analytical chemistry

Amir m. Abdelhmed

Lecturer of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr Mohamed Issa

Associate professor of Pharmacy Practice


Lecturer of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr Ghada Samy

Lecturer of Pharmacology

Dr.Ramy N. Elsergany

Lecturer of Pharmaceutics

Dr.Mohammad Abdulwahhab

Lecturer of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

Dr .Sameh Saber

Assist. Prof. of Pharmacology

Dr.Heba Ibrahem el agamy

Lecturer of pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology

Dr.Mahmoud Elsaeed Ahmed

Lecturer of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr.Eslam E Abdelfattah

Lecturer of Biochemistry

Dr.Asmaa Ismail Ramadan

Teaching Assistant of Biochemistry

Dr.Haidy Mahmoud Sami

Assisstant Lecturer of Clinical Pharmacy, Executive Director of DIC at Faculty of Pharmacy Delta University

Hadeer Abouhany

Assistant Lecturer of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Heba A. Abdelaziz

Assistant Lecturer Of pharmacology and toxicology

Dr.Heidi Sarwat Mohammed

Associate lecturer of Pharmaceutical chemistry

Dr.Reham Reda El-lakany

Assistant lecturer of microbiology

Dr.Hebat-allah Mammdouh Elshafey

Dr.Yasmin A. Salama

Assistant lecturer of Biochemistry

Dr.Mahrous hesham Mahrous

Assistant lecturer of pharmacognosy

Dr.Ahmed y. Kira

Assistant lecturer of Pharmaceutics

Dr.Abdelrahaman Ghanem Mammdouh

Assistant lecturer of pharmacology and toxicology

Dr.Ahmed El-Mounir

Dr.Ekram Ahmed Mostafa

Demonstrator of analytical chemistry

Dr.Mohamed Mostafa Salama

Assistant lecturer of Biochemistry

Dr.Ahmed Elsaid Amer

Dr.Mona Hassan Zohny

Assistant lecturer of Biochemistry

Dr.Alaa Yosf bazeed

Assistant lecturers, pharmaceutical technology department

Dr.Magda Mourad Mohamed

Teaching Assistant at Pharmacognosy Department

Dr.Rana Reda Mohammed Ghonim

Demonstrator of analytical chemistry

Mr.Hazem Osama Gouda

Dr.Fiby Nabil Takla

Assistant lecturer of pharmaceutical organic chemistry.

MR.Mostafa Elsaeed Abdelaziz

Manger of faculty of pharmacy Dean's office

Mrs.Mona Elshahat Bedeer

Mrs.Nermeen Saad El-Taweel

Secretary of the Dean's Office